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TY.Li's Projects

bldc icon bldc

The code for my custom BLDC controller.

harmonyos icon harmonyos

A curated list of awesome things related to HarmonyOS. 华为鸿蒙操作系统。

lua icon lua

The Lua repo, as seen by the Lua team. Mirrored irregularly. Please DO NOT send pull requests. Send issues/patches to the Lua mailing list

mycobot icon mycobot

myCobot is the World's Smallest Collaborative Robot Arm.

opencv icon opencv

Open Source Computer Vision Library

opener icon opener

OpENer is an EtherNet/IP stack for I/O adapter devices. It supports multiple I/O and explicit connections and includes objects and services for making EtherNet/IP-compliant products as defined in the ODVA specification.

opus icon opus

Modern audio compression for the internet.

opus_android icon opus_android

This is an Android library transplanted from official Opus codec. With this library, Opus format audio can be operated in an easy way. Application level function includes audio record, playback, encode and decode.

p-net icon p-net

PROFINET device stack for embedded devices

pymycobot icon pymycobot

This is a python API for ElephantRobotics product.

simplekernel icon simplekernel

Simple kernel for learning operating systems. 用于学习操作系统的简单内核

soem icon soem

Simple Open Source EtherCAT Master

soes icon soes

Simple Open Source EtherCAT Slave

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