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feflow icon feflow

🚀 A command line tool aims to improve front-end engineer workflow and standard, powered by TypeScript.

femas icon femas

Cloud native multi-runtime microservice framework

firestorm icon firestorm

Firestorm is a Remote Shuffle Service, and provides the capability for Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop MapReduce applications to store shuffle data on remote servers

flare icon flare


forward icon forward

A library for high performance deep learning inference on NVIDIA GPUs.

gameaisdk icon gameaisdk


gnes-backup icon gnes-backup

GNES is Generic Neural Elastic Search, a cloud-native semantic search system based on deep neural network.

gt icon gt

GT (Great Tit) is a portable debugging tool for bug hunting and performance tuning on smartphones anytime and anywhere just as listening music with Walkman. GT can act as the Integrated Debug Environment by directly running on smartphones.

habomalhunter icon habomalhunter

HaboMalHunter is a sub-project of Habo Malware Analysis System (, which can be used for automated malware analysis and security assessment on the Linux system.

hardcoder icon hardcoder

Hardcoder is a solution which allows Android APP and Android System to communicate with each other directly, solving the problem that Android APP could only use system standard API rather than the hardware resource of system.

hippy icon hippy

Hippy is designed to easily build cross-platform dynamic apps. 👏

ihearing icon ihearing


injectfix icon injectfix

InjectFix is a hot-fix solution library for Unity

kbone icon kbone

一个致力于微信小程序和 Web 端同构的解决方案

knvprotoengine icon knvprotoengine

KNV(Key-N-Value) is a very fast protocol engine for manipulating protocol data without knowing the detail of its contents. KNV serves for 3 main purposes: 1, As a fast protocol engine, supporting 1M+ processes per second; 2, As a schema-free protocol inspecter/modifier for general-purpose network server; 3, As a protocol and data storage engine for general data storage server.

lemon-cleaner icon lemon-cleaner


libco icon libco

libco is a coroutine library which is widely used in wechat back-end service. It has been running on tens of thousands of machines since 2013.

libpag icon libpag

The official rendering library for PAG (Portable Animated Graphics) files that renders After Effects animations natively across multiple platforms.

libwxfreq icon libwxfreq

libwxfreq is a generic high performance frequency limitation library

lichee icon lichee


lkimagekit icon lkimagekit

A high-performance image framework, including a series of capabilities such as image views, image downloader, memory caches, disk caches, image decoders and image processors.

loli_profiler icon loli_profiler

Memory instrumentation tool for android app&game developers.

luahelper icon luahelper

LuaHelper is a High-performance lua VSCode plugin, Language Server Protocol for lua.

mars icon mars

Mars is a cross-platform network component developed by WeChat.

matrix icon matrix

Matrix is a plugin style, non-invasive APM system developed by WeChat.

medicalnet icon medicalnet

Many studies have shown that the performance on deep learning is significantly affected by volume of training data. The MedicalNet project provides a series of 3D-ResNet pre-trained models and relative code.

metis icon metis

Metis is a learnware platform in the field of AIOps.

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