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react_tabs-with-router's Introduction

React Tabs with Router

Implement the App with Home page available at / and Tabs page available at /tabs. Each page should have the correct title Home page or Tabs page. The Tabs page should also show a Tabs component implemented in React Tabs JS or React Tabs.

Here is the working version

  1. Navigation with Home and Tabs links:
    • should be visible on every page;
    • should highlight an active link with is-active class;
  2. TabsPage page should work for both /tabs and /tabs/:tabId paths (use nested routes);
    <Route path="tabs">
      <Route index element={<TabsPage />} />
      <Route path=":tabId" element={<TabsPage />} />
  3. Each tab should update the URL on click.
    • the URL should follow the next format /tabs/:tabId (use actual instead of :tabId);
    • replace <a href="#..."> with <Link to="/tabs/..."> and remove onClick;
    • don't use NavLink as is-active class is added to a parent element;
    • read tabId from the URL using useParams hook;
    • if the tabId does not match any tab show Please select a tab message instead of a tab content.
  4. The page should show the same content after a reload.
  5. Redirect from /home to / using the Navigate component;
  6. Show the Page not found title for all the other URLs;


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