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react_person's Introduction

React person

Implement a Person component rendering a person details using the given markup and use it 3 times inside the App instead of static markup.

  • pass the whole person as a prop <Person person={misha} /> (not individual fields);
  • omit age if it is not given;
  • if a man is married use wife for a partner and husband if a woman is married;
  • if a person is not marriend - print I am not married message;
  • keep the same classNames in Person.jsx as in App.jsx (Person, Person__name, Person__age, Person__partner).


  • Implement a solution following the React task guideline.
  • Open one more terminal and run tests with npm test to ensure your solution is correct.
  • Replace <your_account> with your Github username in the DEMO LINK and add it to the PR description.

react_person's People


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react_person's Issues

Аналогічний лінк

Лінк той що тут і в попередній задачі одинаково закінчується - /react_article/

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