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go-ibax's Introduction

IBAX Blockchain System Platform

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The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Applications on Decentralized/Centralized Ecosystems

A powerful blockchain system platform with a new system framework and a simplified programming language, it is including smart contract, database table and interface.

Build from Source

Install Go

The build process for go-ibax requires Go 1.17 or higher. If you don't have it: Download Go 1.17+.

You'll need to add Go's bin directories to your $PATH environment variable e.g., by adding these lines to your /etc/profile (for a system-wide installation) or $HOME/.profile:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin

(If you run into trouble, see the Go install instructions).


$ export GOPROXY=
$ GO111MODULE=on go mod tidy -v

$ go build


  1. Create the node configuration file:
$    go-ibax config
  1. Generate node keys:
$    go-ibax generateKeys
  1. Generate the first block. If you are creating your own blockchain network. You must use the --test=true option. Otherwise you will not be able to create new accounts.
$    go-ibax generateFirstBlock --test=true
  1. Initialize the database.
$    go-ibax initDatabase

5.Starting go-ibax.

$    go-ibax start

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