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Basic_CNNs_TensorFlow2 photo Basic_CNNs_TensorFlow2

A tensorflow2 implementation of some basic CNNs(MobileNetV1/V2/V3, EfficientNet, ResNeXt, InceptionV4, InceptionResNetV1/V2, SENet, SqueezeNet, DenseNet, ShuffleNetV2, ResNet).

concurrencpp photo concurrencpp

Modern concurrency for C++. Tasks, executors, timers and C++20 coroutines to rule them all

Cpp-Templates-2nd photo Cpp-Templates-2nd

《C++ Templates The Complete Guide - second edition》的非专业个人翻译

cxx11tests photo cxx11tests

Collection of tests to check which C++11 features are supported by a specific (pre-installed) compiler.

DeepLearning-Notes photo DeepLearning-Notes

:blue_book: 记录深度学习的学习过程和资料整理,包括计算机视觉CV、Paper解读等...

DesignPattern photo DesignPattern

C++11全套设计模式-23种指针的用法(a full DesignPattern implement with c++11)

doctest photo doctest

The fastest feature-rich C++11/14/17/20 single-header testing framework for unit tests and TDD

FoolGo photo FoolGo

A Go A.I. based on MCTS(AlphaGo and DeepZenGo's basic algorithm) WITHOUT Deep Learning

HighPerformanceConcurrentServer photo HighPerformanceConcurrentServer


hw photo hw

Cross-platform C/C++ base component library

libcopp photo libcopp

cross-platform coroutine library in c++

micronet photo micronet

micronet, a model compression and deploy lib. compression: 1、quantization: quantization-aware-training(QAT), High-Bit(>2b)(DoReFa/Quantization and Training of Neural Networks for Efficient Integer-Arithmetic-Only Inference)、Low-Bit(≤2b)/Ternary and Binary(TWN/BNN/XNOR-Net); post-training-quantization(PTQ), 8-bit(tensorrt); 2、 pruning: normal、regular and group convolutional channel pruning; 3、 group convolution structure; 4、batch-normalization fuse for quantization. deploy: tensorrt, fp32/fp16/int8(ptq-calibration)、op-adapt(upsample)、dynamic_shape

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