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Hi there 👋

  • 🔭 An undergraduate student pursuing bachelor's degree in HUST(Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Wuhan, China. Enrolled in 2021, I am expected to graduate in 2025, may be planning to look for CS PHD positions.
  • 🌱 Learning Parallel computing, Disaggregated memory systems, Database systems and other interesting things about Computer Systems.
  • 🤔 Recently learning rust, typescript and some other programming languages.
  • My Skills
  • 👯 My static blog here
  • 📫 How to reach me: Email [email protected] · [email protected] · [email protected]
  • ⚡ Interests: Swimming, Music(e.g. Vocaloid and Chinese Rocks(CuiJian, Zhang Chu..)), Literature and CS-related knowledge. I'm looking forward to work on Computer Systems.
  • 📚 Research Intern: HUST · CGCL · Jan.2023-now. Working on database index.
  • 📚 Research Intern: ICT@CAS · Mar.2024-now.
  • 👯 Collaborate in: HUST · Heptagon · 2022-now. Competing in several HPC-realted competitions(also known as SCC), like ASC.
  • Others: My Github avatar comes from a song titled "Umiyuri Kaiteitan" sang by Hatsune Miku, composed by nbuna.
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Yanwen Xia's Projects

answerforsqlzoo icon answerforsqlzoo

SQLZOO is a online website for SQL exercise, there are some answers to it.

asst3 icon asst3

my result for 15418 2023 spring asst3.

bigdataguide icon bigdataguide


confidence-software-dev icon confidence-software-dev

华为高校课程:可信软件开发编程作业。2023秋华科。Huawei course for College, 2023 Autumn in HUST.

cs61c-lab icon cs61c-lab

some labs and projects from UCB CS61C(2021).

hust-os-exp icon hust-os-exp

Experiment solution for HUST Operating Systems Experiment. Finish all 4 challenge labs

livegraph icon livegraph

LiveGraph: a transactional graph storage system with purely sequential adjacency list scans

rust icon rust

All Algorithms implemented in Rust

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