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The function of πŸš€ good software is to make the πŸ’‘ complex appear to be simple βœ….



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Carlos Guimaraes's Projects

22120 icon 22120

:classical_building: - An archivist browser controller that caches everything you browse, a library server with full text search to serve your archive.

a18n icon a18n

Automated I18n solution for JavaScript/TypeScript/React

aave-v3-core icon aave-v3-core

This repository contains the core smart contracts of the Aave V3 protocol.

aaveflashloan icon aaveflashloan

1st Place πŸ† in the Gitcoin Web3 World Aave Hackathon. A bot that does arbitrage between two Uniswap exchanges using an Aave Flashloan as the capital for initial trade. Got a nice write up from the Aave team -

aavev2-batchflashdemo icon aavev2-batchflashdemo

A remix friendly working example that calls on Aave V2's lending pool to execute a Batch Flash Loan and then atomically deposit-borrow-repay-withdraw the flashed liquidity.

abi-decoder icon abi-decoder

Nodejs and Javascript library for decoding data params and events from ethereum transactions

ace icon ace

Build Cordova apps with true native UI

activepieces icon activepieces

Your friendliest open source all-in-one automation tool ✨ Workflow automation tool 100+ integration / Enterprise automation tool / ChatBot / Zapier Alternative

add-token icon add-token

A simple web3 dapp that allows suggesting a token to users of compatible wallets like MetaMask.

adminlte icon adminlte

AdminLTE - Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme That Is Based On Bootstrap 3.x

adminmongo icon adminmongo

adminMongo is a Web based user interface (GUI) to handle all your MongoDB connections/databases needs.

ahoy.js icon ahoy.js

Simple, powerful JavaScript analytics

aind icon aind

AinD: Android in Docker. Ain't an emulator.

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