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Roozbeh Sharifnasab's Projects

amirzahelper icon amirzahelper

a program to find meaningful persian words with given chars, for help in mirza game

dj icon dj

Distributed code Judge

dotfiles icon dotfiles

My config files. It ain't much, but it's honest work

fattreesimulator icon fattreesimulator

a simple project to demonstrate connecting nodes on a given fat tree topology

go-smtp-client icon go-smtp-client

simple smtp client for sending ascii email from gmail with socket (not any other lib)

java_combiner icon java_combiner

a simple script to combine all java sources in packages int a single file

java_pointer icon java_pointer

short programs to test Unsafe in java and create dangling pointer

kittysh icon kittysh

kitty terminal is awesome, why not develop a shell with its name?!

rlutil icon rlutil

C and C++ utilities for cross-platform console roguelike game creation.

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