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wreck's Introduction

The Wreck Tic-Tac-Toe Engine

Wreck is a tic-tac-toe analysis engine which is capable of perfect play, i.e, it can win any winnable, and defend any defendable position. A full game played against Wreck will either end in a draw or a win for Wreck.


go install[email protected]


Main Command

wreck [position]

REPL Commands

wreck :: help            # help regarding commands and the repl
wreck :: load <position> # load this position into the engine
wreck :: play <move>     # play the provided move on the current position
wreck :: eval            # evaluate current position
wreck :: exit            # exit from program


Wreck evaluates position as a number. An evaluation of ±00 means the position is equal, and perfect play will result in a draw. An evaluation starting with a +, like +Wn means means player X will win in n steps, and an evaluation starting with - means player O will win in n steps.

Position Strings

A tic tac toe position is represented by a 9-character long position string which is composed of x, o, and . symbols. Each of the nine characters represents one of the cells on a tic tac toe board, and the symbols represent a mark by player X, a mark by player O, and an empty cell respectively.

Any tic-tac-toe position:
1 2 3  x o .
4 5 6  x . .
7 8 9  o . .

Is represented in the following format:


A move on the tic tac toe board which is at a particular position is represented by a number from 1-9, each of which represent a particular cell on the board.

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