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q66's Projects

a2jmidid icon a2jmidid

ALSA sequencer to JACK MIDI bridging (for jack2)

ada icon ada

WHATWG-compliant and fast URL parser written in modern C++

alsa-lib icon alsa-lib

The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - library

balena-wpe icon balena-wpe

A Balena project based on WebKit WPE (balena-browser-wpe)

bsdutils icon bsdutils

Alternative to GNU coreutils using software from OpenBSD

cligen icon cligen

Nim library to infer/generate command-line-interfaces / option / argument parsing; Docs At

cog icon cog

WPE launcher and webapp container

dotfiles icon dotfiles

Various configs that I use on my machines

easyeffects icon easyeffects

Limiter, compressor, convolver, equalizer and auto volume and many other plugins for PipeWire applications

edocgen icon edocgen

A mirror of

fail icon fail

crash in various possible ways

flask icon flask

A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions

getopt.lua icon getopt.lua

A simple but powerful argument parser for Lua 5.1 and later.

godot icon godot

Godot Engine – Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine

janet icon janet

A dynamic language and bytecode vm

kati icon kati

An experimental GNU make clone

kmod icon kmod

kmod - Linux kernel module handling

lamiae icon lamiae

Lamiae - A Most Prestigious RPG Engine/Simulator derived from Cube 2 (Sauerbraten) and friends

libucontext icon libucontext

ucontext implementation featuring glibc-compatible ABI

luajit-lang-toolkit icon luajit-lang-toolkit

A Lua bytecode compiler written in Lua itself for didactic purposes or for new language implementations

meta-webkit icon meta-webkit

Yocto / OpenEmbedded layer for WebKit based engines and browsers

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