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  • 👋 Hi, I’m @Oxygen1a1
  • 👀 I’m interested in reverse engineering and anti cheat
  • 👨 I work as an anti-cheat engineer
  • 🌱 I’m currently learning how to design a x64 bit operating system
  • 😄 Let's go

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drvmon icon drvmon

a monitoring windows driver calls kernel api tools

kcrypt icon kcrypt

an encryption library designed for Windows kernel and driver programming

memorymodule icon memorymodule

A tool to parse and load module in memory, as well as attach a DLL in EXE. Most of the functions are inline, so that it can also be used in shellcode.

naotanpdbparser icon naotanpdbparser

Very easy to use pdb parsing library with only one header file,You can use it even if you are a fool.

ntoskrnl_viewer icon ntoskrnl_viewer

可在非测试模式下符号化读取内核内存。Kernel memory can be read symbolically in non test mode。

openark icon openark

OpenArk is an open source anti-rookit(ARK) tool for Windows.

oxgenpdb icon oxgenpdb

a Windows kernel Pdb parsing and downloading library that running purely in kernel mode without any R3 programs.

remoteloaddll icon remoteloaddll


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