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臥龍小三's Projects

0bin icon 0bin

Client side encrypted pastebin

9ne icon 9ne

An online emacs like text editor

afk-operator-cli icon afk-operator-cli

An IRC bot and/or client. Written for PureBasic 5.31 x86 using WinSock 2. Currently in Alpha, limited functionality. Some variables that should be dynamic are hard-coded in the effort of debugging and testing.

algorithms icon algorithms

Minimal examples of data structures and algorithms in Python

anlinux-app icon anlinux-app

AnLinux allow you to run Linux on Android without root access.

arch-btrfs-installation icon arch-btrfs-installation

This is a cheatsheet with all the instructions to perform an installation of Arch Linux using BTRFS filesystem in /

archbsd icon archbsd

ArchBSD is a distro based on FreeBSD, but with the Arch Linux package manager. These are my collection of tools I've wrote for it.

arduino-makefile icon arduino-makefile

Makefile for Arduino sketches. It defines the workflows for compiling code, flashing it to Arduino and even communicating through Serial.

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