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Kento TSUJI's Projects

.dotfiles icon .dotfiles

:wrench: my configuration files ( .zshrc , .tmux.conf , etc... )

.vim-old icon .vim-old

[UNMAINTAINED] change over to next repository.

aigiscapture icon aigiscapture

:video_game: 千年戦争アイギスの画面のスクリーンショットを素早く取るためのアプリケーション

appbox icon appbox

Project to practice coffee-script and UMLclass diagram

array-set icon array-set

create array as set from two arrays. like as intersection, union, and defference set.

arraylikeset icon arraylikeset

Set has not map, reduce, filter function. A module provide a popular high order function based on native Set

audiosprite icon audiosprite

Jukebox/Howler/CreateJS compatible audio sprite generator

bison-flex-tutorial icon bison-flex-tutorial

Goal: implements markdown compiler (renderer) by bison/flex, the compiler compile by emscripten and run on Node.js/Woker in WebBrowser as wasm.

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