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cache-side-channel-attack-on-gnupg icon cache-side-channel-attack-on-gnupg

In this task, I have performed the FLUSH+RELOAD attack on GnuPG cryptography Library to observe accesses to critical functions like Square (S), Module (r), and Multiply (M) function during the encryption or decryption process of the RSA algorithm. In this project, Gogo will mount a side-channel attack with a goal to leak the critical accesses of Gollu.

gem5 icon gem5

This is an read-only mirror of the gem5 simulator. The upstream repository is stored in, code reviews should be submitted to The mirrors are synchronized every 15 minutes.

invisispec-1.0 icon invisispec-1.0

Gem5 implementation of "InvisiSpec", a defense mechanism of speculative execution attacks on cache hierarchy. icon

Github Pages template for academic personal websites, forked from mmistakes/minimal-mistakes

llvm-project icon llvm-project

The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies. Note: the repository does not accept github pull requests at this moment. Please submit your patches at

masterrtl icon masterrtl

MasterRTL: A Pre-Synthesis PPA Estimation Framework for Any RTL Design

meltdown icon meltdown

This repository contains several applications, demonstrating the Meltdown bug.

rtllm icon rtllm

An open-source benchmark for generating design RTL with natural language

xiangshan icon xiangshan

Open-source high-performance RISC-V processor

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