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johnhk's Projects

activitusbar icon activitusbar

A VSCode extension to save some real estate by recreating the activity bar buttons on the status bar

atmo icon atmo

:heavy_check_mark: Mock data for your prototypes and demos. Remote deployments to Zeit now.

azzi-pixel-ruler icon azzi-pixel-ruler

Régua de pixels, exemplo de implementação deste software que costuma ser uma ferramente de auxilio para desenvolvedores de Front-End

beyondpad icon beyondpad

Notes, boards and lists, templates and forms, tags and other tools for data driven note taking

budgie-dock icon budgie-dock

Budgie Dock App (1.6 Release) Add A Customizeable Dock To Your Windows Desktop (Alternative to rocket dock)

caret icon caret

A sublime text editor for Chrome OS

cefsimplesample icon cefsimplesample

Simple sample on how to use Chromium Embedded Framework. More like a Hello World.

config icon config

Personal checklist for setting up a new Ubuntu's dev environment on Windows.

console2 icon console2

Fork of the Console2 extended windows console (hosted on sourceforge) with some added features

core icon core

Cloud9 Core - Part of the Cloud9 SDK for Plugin Development

fiddlesalad icon fiddlesalad

An online playground with an instantly ready coding environment. Combine language preprocessors, CSS, HTML and JavaScript to create and share coding examples.

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