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Jonathan Chambers's Projects

base62 icon base62

Base62 monkeypatches Integer to add an Integer#base62_encode instance method to encode an integer in the character set of 0-9 + A-Z + a-z. It also monkeypatches String to add String#base62_decode to take the string and turn it back into a valid integer.

bzip2-ruby icon bzip2-ruby

Original libbz2 ruby C bindings from Guy Decoux, with some new love

escargot icon escargot

ElasticSearch connector for Rails (WIP)

hogwarts icon hogwarts

An app for keeping track of house membership at Hogwarts.

mm_es_search icon mm_es_search

Tools to build a mongomapper model that stores and executes complex elasticsearch queries

mm_no_empties icon mm_no_empties

MongoMapper plugin that prevents any fields responding to empty? from being persisted if empty (nils are also excluded as per standard MM behaviour)

mm_uses_no_id icon mm_uses_no_id

A MongoMapper plugin that removes the id field in embedded documents

mm_uses_uuid icon mm_uses_uuid

A MongoMapper plugin that uses a UUID instead of the default ObjectID

plucky icon plucky

Fancy query magic for the mongo ruby driver

ranked-model icon ranked-model

An acts_as_sortable/acts_as_list replacement built for Rails 3 & 4

semi_liquid_grid icon semi_liquid_grid

A mixin for the compass framework that lets you mix fixed and variable width elements while still thinking in terms of columns.

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