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孙建业's Projects

autobridge icon autobridge

[FPGA 2021, Best Paper Award] An automated floorplanning and pipelining tool for Vivado HLS.

binary icon binary

Sample codes for assembly, linker and attack demos

dotnet-runtime icon dotnet-runtime

.NET is a cross-platform runtime for cloud, mobile, desktop, and IoT apps.

dse icon dse

Design space exploration tool in Merlin compiler

dynamometer icon dynamometer

A tool for scale and performance testing of HDFS with a specific focus on the NameNode.

exp-isa icon exp-isa

An experimental Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and the implementation of a CPU simulator and an assembler.

flextensor icon flextensor

Automatic Schedule Exploration and Optimization Framework for Tensor Computations

hasco icon hasco

agile hardware-software co-design

hdl icon hdl

Support Deep Learning on Hadoop platform

jatt icon jatt

The Java Virtual Machine Auto Tuning Tool

jdk icon jdk

JDK main-line development

jdk8u icon jdk8u

llvm-11-tutorials icon llvm-11-tutorials

A blog for LLVM(v11.0.0) beginner, step by step, with detailed documents and comments. Record the way I learn LLVM.

llvm-tutorial-lite icon llvm-tutorial-lite

Helpful guide towards learning to LLVM pass (legacy and new passes) for beginners

openjdk-proposals icon openjdk-proposals

A place for Microsoft's Java Engineering Group to put OpenJDK JEPs and/or patches before we submit to OpenJDK

packet-pro icon packet-pro

Packet Processing in Java research and implementations

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