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Report is does not contain any data or graphs.


Below is the code for the .trx file.

Test Results for myWSBA(FireFox) ExecuteCommand failed! InError set by the client. Client Error: mozCommandProcessor: ProcessInformationCommand(): Document is not ready to retrieve its markup. BrowserCommand (Type:'Information',Info:'DocumentMarkup',Action:'NotSet',Target:'null',Data:'',ClientId:'c8ce1d08-f907-47fe-a2a4-21eef62cc3a5',HasFrames:'False',FramesInfo:'',TargetFrameIndex:'-1',InError:'True',Response:'mozCommandProcessor: ProcessInformationCommand(): Document is not ready to retrieve its markup.') InnerException: none. Unable to locate element. Details: Attempting to find [Html] element using Find logic (Html): [href 'Exact' DisciplineNotice.aspx] AND [tagname 'Exact' a]

Unable to locate element. Search failed!

Learn more about finding elements here:

ImportError | Python v.2.7.9

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 4, in
import jinja2
ImportError: No module named jinja2

Syntax Error

File "", line 13
print os.getcwd()
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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