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list2csv-sublime-plugin's Introduction

List2CSV-Sublime-Plugin 2.0

Plugin for creating comma separated value from a list of data

What this plugin Does ?

It's a simple utility to convert list data to csv format for example


45612 ---------------> 12321,45612,78924,12124



It can be helpful for big data loaders and other process which demands a csv

How to install ?

With Package Control:

Run “Package Control: Install Package” command, find and install list2csv plugin. Restart ST editor (if required)

For manual install

  • Download zip file , rename it to list2csv.sublime-package file and keep it inside the installed directory for example "C:\Users\avagrawa\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Installed Packages".
  • Do a git clone in package directory: git clone

How to use

  • Basic Use

If you have a list , select all and press ctrl+alt+, or right click on mouse and select option "Convert List To CSV" watch a youtube demo on how to use it `

  • Advance Use (New Features added for 2.0)

Change the pattern by hitting ctrl+alt+. , you will see input panel {'SecondDel':'','rowlen':'NULL','Separator':',','FirstDel':'','Memory':'No','ShowPop':'Yes'} now if you want some pattern like "123","1234" instead of 123,1234 then change the string as {'SecondDel':'"','rowlen':'NULL','Separator':',','FirstDel':'"','Memory':'No','ShowPop':'Yes'}. If you want to maintain the pattern for whole session change the Memory value from No to Yes. Watch youtube demo With new implementation now row length can be set by changing NULL by the row length {'SecondDel':'','rowlen':'3','Separator':',','FirstDel':'','Memory':'No','ShowPop':'Yes'} it will generate pattern in this format

  • 123,123,123
  • 343,234,234

A pattern of 3 entity in a row


Creative Commons License
List2csv Sublime Plugin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at

list2csv-sublime-plugin's People


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list2csv-sublime-plugin's Issues

Support for Sublime Text 3?

Any chance that this plugin will be made compatible for ST3? I love the idea of this plugin since I frequently do this sort of manipulation.

Feature request: Create multiple rows by specifying number of columns

Hi Avinash,

I discovered your plugin this morning and I have to say that it is nearly perfect for something I need to do. I would really like to have the ability to specify the maximum number of columns to be created during conversion.

Unfortunately, I am not proficient in Python so I cannot offer a patch.


From this:


To this:


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