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Hey there , I'm Aman Kumar Patel

You have finally discovered my Github profile. Please feel free to clone/fork projects, raise issues and submit PRs if you think something could be better.

Happy Coding! 😊

 About me ....

  • 🤔 I use daily .js, .css, .html
  • 🛠 I’m currently learning about MERN🥰
  • 🔥 I use to write code on leetcode
  • 🌱 I’m looking to collaborate on: Contribute more to Open Source projects.
  • ⚡ I’m looking for help with anything I am currently learning! 😅.
  • 💬 Ask me about anything, I am happy to help, only if the ball is in my court!😉
  • ✍️ Fun fact : I Always try to learn something new and then sleep till it store in the brain 😎

Thought : "Life is full of choices…choose wisely!”

 Connect with me ....

 Tech Stack..

javascript   html   css   react   materialUi  
chakraUi   Redux   json   node.js   express   mongodb  

 My working tools..

vscode   github      replit   postman  
npm   codesandbox   netlify   vercel   heroku   canva   prettier  

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I love connecting with different people so if you want to say hi, I'll be happy to meet you more!

Aman Kumar Patel's Projects

advancedjavascript icon advancedjavascript

JavaScript is a high level, interpreted, programming language used to make web pages more interactive. It is a very powerful client-side scripting language that makes your webpage more lively and interactive.

aman icon aman

the keeping of things until they are needed

authentication-using-jwt-in-mern- icon authentication-using-jwt-in-mern-

Checking user login or not in MERN STACK, if user is already logged in (jwt token stored in cookie) then user can access the About Page else user will be navigated to Login Page.

backend icon backend

working on server-side software, which focuses on everything you can't see on a website.

backend-node.js icon backend-node.js

As an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime, Node.js is designed to build scalable network applications.

blogapi icon blogapi

Backend of blog app (For deployment)

cake-app-using-redux icon cake-app-using-redux

Cake App Using Redux in React (React-Redux Application), here we have one reducer so i am not using combineReducers()

cake-icecream-app-using-redux icon cake-icecream-app-using-redux

Cake & IceCream App using Redux (React-Redux Application), here we have 2 reducer for cake and iceCream so i am using combineReducers()

cloneitdineout icon cloneitdineout

Dineout is a table booking platform helping customers to do table booking in their favourite restaurants for free and help them get great discounts.

countchecktitle icon countchecktitle

counter with title for showing number of times user clicked on button

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    A server is a program made to process requests and deliver data to clients.

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